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Saving to extend my premium! Random donations is appreciated! :D

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Five things about me:
1. My favorite animal are wolves. 
2. My mind is a random place, but it's amazing.
3. I am a videogame junkie, I can, and will play for 12 hours.
4. I have never watched the entire HP movie series. 
5. I'm lazy.
Bullet; Blue If you could control any element, what would it be? I think I'd like to control fire... for no reason.
Bullet; Blue Favorite Pairing/Shipping? ((If you don't have one, name someone with a perfect face, like Andy Biersack~ Heart)) My OTP? Hmmm... I don't have one, so here we insert the lovely Alexander Vlahos.…
Bullet; Blue Oh no! You and I have been abducted by the Dark Brotherhood! ((A group of assassins)) What happens? ((can be bloody, funny, romantic, whatever the fluff you want :D (Big Grin))) Ohh... *gets out lockpick* Let's go Revenge, run! *trips*
Bullet; Blue Favorite song? It's very varied, but well... so well... I'm going with Daniel in the den, bastille. 
Bullet; Blue Favorite Youtuber? I don't have one o.O 
Tags, later... I'm Lazy right now.



Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hello! :D Welcome here! So I guess I shall tell you something about me as a artist. I started to draw traditionally when I was little(like most small kids) Of course, I wasn't that talented. In 4th grade I took up drawing again,drawing horses,horses,horses. Two to three years back, I started to draw again,this time dragons and attempted to draw wolves. (They were TERRIBLE) I have kinda improved,in my own opinion. So, I got a dAaccount. Now I am here. xD Also: if you fav,don't just run away afterwards. I love feedback too! :D I'd really like you guys NOT to share my work without my permission.. but if yoou wanna draw my characters,feel free ^^ Comments on my work is something I loove!

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Animated headshot icons
Icon RQ by FafnirtheDragonLord
Katsa blinking icon by FafnirtheDragonLord
Blinking animated headshot icons. They can either blink normally or like this: ^^ note me if you are intrested! :D


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